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Marketing is a tough job that keeps getting tougher. It’s no longer enough to attract prospects and drive leads for sales. Today’s marketers are expected to engage prospects wherever they are in their buyer’s journey across a constantly growing list of online and offline channels. 


This assessment is a quick way to gauge the effectiveness of your content marketing program at each critical stage of the buyer’s journey:


  • Top-of-funnel: How effectively do you generate awareness, build trust, and drive traffic to your website.


  • Middle-of-funnel: How well do you turn casual visitors into interested prospects and prospects into qualified leads? 


  • Bottom-of-funnel: How well do you convert leads into paying customers or enable sales to close the deal? 


Take the 10-Minute Content Marketing Assessment right now. By investing just a few minutes of your time, you’ll walk away knowing the exact areas of weakness that are limiting your success and where to focus your attention and resources to win more business.

Send me your free 10-minute Content Marketing Self-assessment Tool.

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