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I’m a content strategist, a copywriter, and editor with 30 years of experience in the networking and communications industry. I’m also a screenwriter and a lifelong student of storytelling.


I was the editor-in-chief of Cisco’s Packet Magazine. We provided valuable information to help IT decision makers do their jobs long before it was called content marketing. It was 120-page marketing vehicle that customers and prospects were willing to pay for. Why? Because we established a deep understanding of their information needs, and zealously guarded the editorial integrity of our magazine. We were authentic in our mission. And we sold a lot of switches and routers in the process.


Most recently, I led Cisco’s sales enablement content and creative services team. As a content marketer in a sales enablement role, I had the good fortune to learn early on that a buyer’s digital journey must continue seamlessly with the conversations they have with their sales reps. So while my job was to simplify brand language and increase the effectiveness of our traditional sales collateral, I also designed full-funnel content frameworks, evangelized the concepts of smarketing and social selling, and built an organization capable of creating everything from blogs and infographics to sales playbooks and datasheets. And everything in between.



Now I'd like to help you tell yours. That’s why I started B2B Writers. I've known and worked with some of the best content talent in the industry. The hard-to-find writers. The ones who are usually booked six months in advance.


Regardless of the type or quantity of marketing and sales content you need to create, we have the perfect writer, editor, or content team to work with you. Without the ridiculous mark-up you get with agencies. You see, these are my friends and trusted colleagues. And we’re all in this together.


So, what do you say? Ready to help us tell your story?

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